Which is better to buy cheap cialis? Despite the fact that viagra was the first drug developed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in the market today, you can find other means of increasing potency. Despite many offers, beside the place of honor viagra is levitra and cialis.

Cialis is a patented development of the company "Eli Lilly and Company" (Eli Lilly and company limited). In addition to the original cialis you can find generic versions of this drug, which according to the composition and action from the original are virtually indistinguishable. The main active substance, which cialis has such a wonderful effect – Tadalafil (Tadalafil).

Cialis improves erection of the penis, but in the absence of sexual stimulation, the desired effect does not occur. The main feature of the drug cialis is a fairly rapid and lasting effect – first results occur after 20 minutes of ingestion and lasts for around 36 hours! So if you're planning a weekend, cialis will be the best choice.

The time required for the onset of the desired effect from the drug, everyone is different. Much depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, from the used dose and the form of the drug. If the individual characteristics of the organism can be determined only in the process of application and dose of the drug is almost always optimal and rarely changes – 20 mg., form of production is different.

So before you buy cialis, think about how long you are willing to wait for the result?

Buying original cialis from manufacturer Eli Lilly and Company, you get quality and brand in the traditional form of issue – tablets. The first results after applying the tablets should not wait until 40-60 minutes.

Buying cheap cialis men pharmacy Mr joy you will get the drug, almost completely identical to the original, but at a price about two to three times lower than the price of the original. In addition to lower prices, generic cialis can be found in different pharmacological forms: in the form of tablets, drops or gel. For example, cialis Tadalafil or generic cialis is available in tablet form, and begin to act the same way as original cialis – 40-60 minutes. Should be like any other tablets with water.

It is quite another thing Cialis soft. The product is made in the form of tablets to dissolve in the mouth. Due to the fact that tadalafil is already absorbed through the mucous membranes of the mouth, the active substance before entering the bloodstream and, accordingly, before starting to work. The desired effect occurs approximately two times faster, i.e. in about a half hour after taking. Besides cialis soft great for parties since it goes well with alcohol. However, it takes some time to dissolve tablets.

That would get rid of this lack, has released cialis in gel form. The generic form of the drug, which does not require zapivaniya water or dissolve in mouth. Cialis gel will begin to exert their influence on an organism after 25 minutes. So buy cialis in gel form is necessary for those who want to get the fastest results from the action of the drug.

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